Five Things to Do During Circuit Breaker (CB = Conducive Break!)


circuit breaker things to do

Before Covid-19, most of us were so busy with our daily lives and routines that we failed to appreciate the time spent with our loved ones.  Now that we have all the time spent at home, instead of indulging in Korean dramas or gaming, let’s maximise our time.

We have put together five fun activities you can do during this movement restriction period!


1. Peatix Sign Language Course

sign lang

If you have always wanted to learn a different language, why not consider taking up Sign Language? 

Sign language can change the way you interact with others. Apart from being able to connect with people who sign, you can also use this to communicate in secret (that is if you and your family/friends pick this up together!). Imagine going to places like clubs, movie theatres or libraries – no more whispering or yelling. If you are someone who enjoys story telling or making jokes, this would also be a great way to capture your audience’s attention!

Another plus point of learning sign language is the opportunities you open up yourself to in your career. It is always good to know that a team member chooses to go the extra mile to learn, grow and connect with more people.

In all seriousness, signing is a very beautiful way of communication. It trains you to read people’s body language even better and also improving your sensitivity towards how people are feeling. 

If you are really interested, well good news! We found a place where you can learn sign language – click here to sign up! 



2. Learn to sing in 30 days!

We all wish we could belt like Ariana Grande or Christina Aguilera, and we put ourselves to the test in the shower (or sometimes during karaoke with friends). The fact is, there is hope. Practice does make things work. Check out this amazing Korean woman who tried to perfect Sia’s ‘Chandelier’:

If you are looking to personally accomplish this, we’ve put together some free YouTube channels teaching tips and tricks on how to use your vocals and improve your singing. All it takes is determination and practice!

Click here for Mandarin pop singing classes and click here for a list of English singing classes.

After all that practice, it is time to test your skills – with  the ‘Quan Ming Party’ app. It is free and you can host a Singing Party with your friends and family during this Circuit Breaker time! What’s more, you can also gain yourself a fan base 😉


3. Learn a Thousand words in a new language!

Languages are made up of a shocking number of words. English, for example, has between 600,000 and 1 million words.

Luckily, you don’t need to learn anywhere near that many words to be proficient in a language. Consider this: the top 100 words make up about 50 percent of English language texts, and the top 1,000 words make up about 90 percent!

Check out these lists of the top 1,000 words in these languages:

By focusing on learning these words first, you can increase your understanding of a huge amount of information in different languages very quickly.


4. Improve your photography skills!

Though many of us have learnt how to use our smartphones to take great pictures,why not take it to the next level during this Circuit Breaker? Learn from industry experts – Nikon is providing a series of free masterclasses! 

One type of photography we can really master at home would be taking snapshots of food; what with the increase of cooking and the sudden need to show the world what we can do in the kitchen on social media.. Or what we have ordered for lunch at least.

Click here to find out more!


5. Free MBA, Bachelor Degree programme by UoPeople.

You heard me right! A free degree! Say goodbye to student loans! If you have always wanted to upgrade yourself, this could just be your next step!

University of People (such a cute name, by the way. I already feel very welcomed) offers FREE Degree programmes to the general public. Accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and partnered with top universities worldwide, UoPeople offers degree programs in Business Administration, Computer Science, Health Science, and Education.

You can check them out here.

“Everyone deserves to have access to higher quality education.”

Credit source: (University of the People: Tuition-Free, Accredited Online Degree Programs, 2020)

We hope these five recommendations prove to be fun for you during this time of reset and rest! You don’t have to come out of this a genius or an expert, but everyday is a day of learning so why not push ourselves a little bit more?  

I Quadrant and team wish you well during this CB! STAY HOME (unless you really need your essentials like… I don’t know – toilet paper. You don’t have to hoard. Just buy what you need and go back when you need more. Just stay masked, stay clean and stay away from others).


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