#ProjectLove – Reaching Out During COVID-19


Fighting COVID-19 #SGUnited

With COVID-19 stripping people of their jobs and rendering the community worried, our team noticed the gap enlarging with low-income families and senior citizens.

In a spur-of-the-moment decision, we decided to put into action #ProjectLove. It was really not a time to choose fear – but to draw from the courage of our nation’s healthcare workers, front-liners and government.

We are truly grateful to be able to carry out #ProjectLove in this time of crisis, with all thanks to NTUC Fairprice at City Square Mall for agreeing to help us gather the necessities for the low-income families.

It was such a heart-warming time for our team as we could reach out – and even for a short moment – connect with the families and some the senior citizens living alone. Some of the many impacting moments were when an old grandma said we came at the time she was really hungry; another when a mother tried to buy groceries for her six children but could not because the nearest grocery store ran out of food – and we came just in time. There were so many pivotal moments that pulled us out of our reality.

In all honesty, everything we did was just something small; something temporary. It is heartbreaking to know that in two weeks or less, the households we managed to bless will run out of these necessities.

This movement touched us in so many ways and we are genuinely looking into causes we can invest into. What are more jarring gaps in our society? How can we dive deep and help make a lasting impact?

On top of it all, how can we make the best of this crisis? Are we indulging in the “panic buying” act that in turn hinder some families of the ability to get something simple for their children? Bearing in mind that some of these families cannot afford to keep travelling to different shopping centres to see if the supermarket there is stocked.

Upholding #SGUnited, just know that we will emerge stronger. Times may be hard but as always, we will get through this. Listen closely to what our government is saying and doing, and take this time to rest, reset and rework on our goals in life. Choose love and growth today. We will overcome anything together.