Who founded The I Quadrant?

Ivan Cai, Germaine Chow, Shawn Lee and Benny Ong.

Is The I Quadrant an investment company?

No, we are an education company that teaches the strategies and methods of investments (i.e. property investment), and include personal development modules as well. We also hold business masterclasses for entrepreneurs and existing business owners.

Why do I have to attend a seminar before the Property Income Mastery Course (PIM)?

It is a form of orientation to help you grasp a better overview of what you will be learning and experiencing. For some, this is a good form of introduction for them to make an informed decision on whether they should enrol in the three-day course.

Who are the trainers for PIM and the masterclasses?

Our founders are all the trainers with their respective skillsets used to teach the different course modules and masterclasses.

For masterclasses, we also invite market experts to share with us the most relevant and updated information in the particular industry.

Can I get a course refund?

Unfortunately, all transactions made are deemed final.

What happens if I can’t make it for the chosen course dates?

Please write in to to make the required changes. Do note that you are only allowed to make changes twice. Any other situations will have to undergo evaluation and decisions made by company is final and to company’s discretion.

How do I sign up and pay for masterclasses?

All masterclasses are only available to graduates and are completely complimentary.

Does The I Quadrant hold other courses other than PIM and masterclasses?

To date, we only provide the above mentioned classes. 

We also hold the occasional field trips that are only available to interested graduates.

Is The I Quadrant on the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Alert List?

We are not on the MAS Alert List as:

  • The I Quadrant does not promote any financial or investment schemes or services but is purely an education company 
  • As an education company, we teach our community how to purchase (i.e. invest) their own properties and support them in their journey (students’ choice).

You can verify here:

The I Quadrant Pte Ltd does not condone and support any forms of investment schemes and we do not promote any financial schemes or services. The I Quadrant Pte Ltd is purely an education company and is not regulated or licensed by MAS to provide financial services in Singapore. If consumers deal with entities that are not regulated by the MAS, they forego the protection afforded under laws administered by the MAS. Consumers acting on advice from persons unregulated by MAS should exercise caution and consider the risks of dealing with entities and activities that are not regulated by MAS.

Are the strategies and methods taught really easily applicable?

Our course is designed to ensure that you are able to navigate the game well. Our trainers only share the most updated and relevant information in the market, and that includes the methods of investment (all tried and tested).

We also provide post-course support and guidance to help you achieve your investment goals. #YouAreNotAlone

Does The I Quadrant only teach about investing in industrial properties?

No. In the course journey, students will learn the ultimate game plan strategy in planning their investment portfolio.

Property types expand into residential and even commercial. Post-course support includes our team holding 1-1 sessions to guide graduates through their portfolio planning.