Investing — A Wellness Journey


In July 2019, Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Managing Director Mr Ravi Menon spoke at the Securities Investor Association (Singapore) (SIAS)’s 1st Master Series Investment Conference. He titled his keynote speech “The Wellness of Investing – Eating Well, Sleeping Well, Feeling Well”. 

As I Quadrant progresses in 2020, Mr Menon’s speech resonates deeply with the company’s direction of growth and refinement. We hope that as we continue to reflect and improve, we can provide better education and guidance for all our students. 


I Quadrant was built on the foundation of continuous learning and development. We are only able to open doors of opportunity for our students as we first took that step to equip ourselves with the knowledge. Investing only happened for us the moment we knew that the product and price were right after intensive study and analysis. 


With learning comes application, and with the application comes determination and perseverance; and all that translate into rewards (in the case of property investment would be passive income and capital appreciation).

The only reason that we keep encouraging and supporting our students is because we want them to learn, press on and finally reap the rewards – that in turn positively impacts their finances and changes their life.


Undeniably the most emphasised point in our classes — we should always invest in vehicles that allow us peaceful rest. Selecting the right type of property that aligns with our proven criteria is key. If there is any point of doubt that arises, students are advised to carefully tread and seek guidance. #LifelongSupport


Everything that we do, let it be done in love. Even if you are not exactly doing something you love right now, it does not mean that you skim on doing things with your heart. If you are working towards doing something you love, press on. We want to live a fulfilled life with no regrets. Make it your choice to carry out meaningful work and if possible, let it be intertwined with your work.

At I Quadrant, we put our heart into making sure our students are able to soar. We also teach that as we work and reap our rewards, we should always give back to society. Never give up the chance to be able to help others – especially when you have received help and support yourself. #PayItForward

It is always important to keep finding the balance. We are imperfect people who are just trying to figure out our life journey. Let us as always choose to keep improving, learning and growing. We are never too young or old to chase after the things that stirs up a fire in our hearts.