Is it really possible to invest in Singapore properties?


Yes, it is possible; and even more so, multiple properties.

So why are people skeptical, finding this an impossible feat?

Based on the article ‘Why Are Singaporeans Not Investing?’ by MoneyFm 89.3 (2019),  it is stated that a study done by OCBC Bank shows one in three working adults in Singapore do not invest or find ways to grow their money.

It is revealed that many Singaporeans are not well-equipped for financial emergencies and are not at all ready to enjoy retirement; with more than 70% off-track on their retirement plans. 

With a resounding lack of knowledge and practice in this area, it is only natural to have Singaporeans reacting negatively towards the prospect of investing in properties. Without the knowledge of proper financial planning and cash flow management, the idea of putting down large sums of money becomes intimidating and seen impossible. On top of that, no one really wants to dabble with loans because everybody wants to be “debt-free”.

Here is a counter towards the negative connotation around debts – according to Robert Kiyosaki (2019), there are two kinds of debts in the world – good debt and bad debt.

“Bad Debt is used for consumption, takes money out of your pockets and makes you poor. On the other hand, Good Debt is used to buy assets, puts money into your pockets and makes you rich.”

Robert Kiyosaki

In summary, good debt buys assets, Bad debt buys liabilities. How can you tell if something is a “good debt”? Well, does it make you money, also known as positive cash flow

If you are familiar with property buying, you will know that most people will take on a mortgage loan – a good debt.

After purchasing a property for investment (with thorough research and analysis, of course), the buyer does not immediately “relax”. There are still steps to take to ensure that this investment is a good investment that gives you a positive cash flow monthly – from ensuring that the success of rental and being able to get a higher rental yield.

Hence, it is very much possible to own properties – in Singapore and even overseas! It is simply getting yourself familiar with the language of investment. It is also important to note that property investment is a slow-and-steady process and you should be looking at the big picture – the future, when this investment is sold and earns you a potentially high return.

Keep learning and expanding your viewpoint of money, investment and the study of properties, and how all of these can work for you (and your family). It is not just about earning a stable income and getting salary raises. Instead of working for money, you can actually make money work for you!

P.S. Serious property investors work to build their legacy that will ultimately benefit their families in the long run!


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