Gain a deeper understanding on investment strategies, trends and assets in these workshops based on real scenarios and data analysis. These sessions are built to accelerate and ease your property investment journey.

Masterclasses are conducted by The I Quadrant trainers and international industry experts. Only graduates from Property Income Mastery Course can register for Masterclasses.

Portfolio Masterclass

After graduating from the Property Income Mastery Course (PIM), dive right into building your game plan to achieve your $2 million portfolio. With the guidance of our trainers Shawn and Keith, learn how to use resources to your advantage and maximise profits with research and data analytics.

At the end of this class, you will gain a better understanding of the power of a global property portfolio that will allow you to enjoy both capital appreciation and positive cash flow.

Following this class, you will have personalised one-to-one sessions with The I Quadrant’s Portfolio Strategists to ensure that your game plan pans out smoothly.

Investing in UK

Tap into the fifth largest economy in the world and learn about its property market trends. Get insights about the housing crisis in the United Kingdom and the potential capital gain, and how you can achieve 5% to 7% of rental yield from owning a property.

Investing in Malaysia

The property market in Malaysia is expanding rapidly with countless of new residential projects. Learn to analyse the market trends, the hot spots and steps to maximise your profits.

Investing in Singapore’s Residential Properties

Learn all about the Singapore residential property market outlook of the year – the trends and possibilities. See how you can cash-out your CPF using properties and how to progress from a HDB flat to a landed property. Find out what is the right time to purchase a property and how to balance or time your resident portfolio in a way that does not affect your Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR).

Business Masterclass

Catered to budding entrepreneurs or accomplished business owners who are looking to grow their enterprise, The I Quadrant’s Business Masterclass gives greater insight as to how you can create offers that are uncontested and irresistible to your consumers.

Learn how to monetise your business without any price wars, and prevent competitors from copying your products and business model. On top of it all, find out how to start a business with little to no money.