We are industry experts passionate about investment and financial education.

We aim to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills and resources as they embark on this journey of investment – ultimately changing their lives for the better.

Meet Our Team

Co-Founder, CEO
Designation:Co-Founder, CEO
The master of business strategy, Benny is on a mission to shape and uplift the private education industry. Benny successfully fused the art of transformational teaching and the science of property research and strategies to create I Quadrant’s flagship Property Income Mastery (PIM) Course. Benny is passionate about helping thousands turn from a ready learner to a serial property investor. 

Fun Fact: Benny thinks that health is important but nothing will make him give up his fast food craving.

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Co-Founder, Head of Marketing
Designation:Co-Founder, Head of Marketing
Apart from teaching and business strategising, Germaine is a creative soul who enjoys all aspects of marketing. Her motto in life is to always live life to the fullest, always add value to the society and always be the best version of ourselves – which can be seen in all her work.

Germaine has been featured in The Straits Times, Singapore Women’s Weekly, Asian Entrepreneur, Clozette and ShareInvestor.

Fun Fact: Germaine is a skincare junkie – investing even in skincare technology. She can be found spending most nights (after teaching) unwinding with a nice, soothing mask.

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Co-Founder, Head of Business Development
Designation:Co-Founder, Head of Business Development
Shawn manages and develops external strategic partnerships to grow I Quadrant. He believes strongly in building a relationship with internal and external partners, as well as all clients and community members. With Shawn, he is always striving for a win-win outcome. It is no wonder the word “clever” is overused on him.


Fun Fact: Any problems that come to Shawn becomes irrelevant. 

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Co-Founder, Head of Research
Designation:Co-Founder, Head of Research
Ivan is highly skilled in studying. There is no news that will pass him unnoticed. For that, he is in charge of figuring out what and where to invest in, on top of teaching and managing Human Resources.

A veteran investor, Ivan owns multiple residential, commercial and industrial properties. His journey of determination and discernment inspired Shawn, Germaine, Benny and many others to kick-start their property investment journey. 

Fun Fact: Ivan regularly indulges in dad jokes. He is actually 21 years old… at heart.

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Strategic Marketing Lead
Designation:Strategic Marketing Lead
Vanessa lives and breathes all things creative, masterminding marketing initiatives and directions with the team and breathing life into them (i.e. through social media, collaterals, ad copies, visuals, etc), to help connect people with I Quadrant to fulfil their financial goals. 

She is also the team’s grammar police and resident Editor-in-Chief. Such as editing this entire page you are reading.

Fun Fact: Vanessa is also a spin instructor who is inherently married to the sun, beach and ocean.

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Programme Director + Property Leader
Designation:Programme Director + Property Leader
Qiuyu plans and coordinates the programmes of I Quadrant (i.e. masterclasses, PIM), ensuring all community members – new and old – are given a regular dose of knowledge. Also a Property Leader, Qiuyu helps graduates with their portfolio planning.

Despite being fun-sized, Qiuyu is not a person to mess with. Her razor-sharp focus and amazing problem-solving skills are enough to make you feel like you need to step your game up.

Fun fact: She eats a lot but doesn’t gain any weight. She has 3 dogs.

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Digital Marketing Specialist
Designation:Digital Marketing Specialist
From strategising creatives, writing copies, managing budgets to calculating returns on ad spend, Leslie effortlessly switches between words and numbers to maximise the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. 

Fun fact: Leslie served a full time volunteer service mission in California for 2 years. He says this is the best 2 years of his life being able to serve others and see their lives change.

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Web-based Seminar Tech Specialist + Data Analyst
Designation:Web-based Seminar Tech Specialist + Data Analyst
Adeline specialises in praying to the modem gods. She supports the team back-end on webinars and is also involved in analyzing the amazing data put together by the Research Team to provide the community with up-to-date info. Sometimes, she also tries her hand at marketing and content creation.

Fun Fact: Adeline is a minion to her super cute dog which is 50% shih tzu, 25% pekingese, 12.5% maltese and 12.5% ???. And did we mention Adeline is also a magician?

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Loans Specialist + Property Leader
Designation:Loans Specialist + Property Leader
One of the first team members, Jacky now heads the Loan Advisory department (the complexity of loans in investment called for a department of its own!). Jacky provides guidance for graduates who require more help in understanding and manoeuvring this heavy topic.

Jacky is also the facilitator for one of our Community Initiatives – the Cashflow Game. This game helps in imparting valuable financial knowledge and strategies, especially in learning how to get out of the rat race. 

Fun Fact: Jacky was named after God of Singer, Jacky Cheung. Coincidentally, he enjoys singing Jacky’s songs on KTV as well.

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Client Relations Specialist + Data Analyst
Designation:Client Relations Specialist + Data Analyst
Grace is possibly your first point of contact – she answers all your enquiries. You might have spoken to her when you message or call our company number. 

Grace also helps with analysing data in our CRM system to ensure that all data is accurate and updated.

Fun Fact: Grace has GREAT alcohol tolerance. She is usually the one who will mix your drinks at the club – but beware, you might walk out drunk while she prances around sober. She is also a good singer (with actually vocal lessons!). She is frequently seen singing duets with Jacky. 

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