I Quadrant's Flagship Programme (running for 5 years & counting)

Property Investor Mastery

Join 4500+ other investors on this flagship program to start your property stacking journey

What does it take to grow from one HDB ($447k) to 15 properties ($14.7M) in 6 years?

Without the right resources, a single misstep can trigger a cascade of setbacks, jeopardizing your hard-earned money, and forcing you through years’ worth of recovery.

While my experience has been costly and time consuming, yours won’t be.

We designed this 2-day program, to equip you with all the knowledge, strategies and skills to succeed on your property investment journey so that you can…

Discover how to get your hands on a range of profitable properties 

Create an unshakable retirement plan for a secured financial future

Build a sustainable wealth growth plan which grows even during recession

Join 4500+ other investors on this flagship program to start your property stacking journey

Learn 3 core levels you'll need to take your real estate investment to the next level:

The “3P” Criteria To Instantly Identify Properties With Double-Digit Returns

Discover how to predictably make 15-20% profits a year over the next few decades

7 Criteria For “Anti-Fragile” Properties Which
Are Immune To Economic Downturns

Identify properties which thrive through economic fluctuations with a simple 7-criteria strategy

A Step-By-Step Proven Guide To
Scale Beyond Your First Property

Master the mechanics
behind how you could
use just one down
payment to own as many properties as possible

Here's Why Property Investor Mastery Is Different From Other Courses Out There

There’s a reason why
you’re here.

You’ve probably come across various courses and gurus preaching the next best thing
in property investment,
but have they lived up to
your expectations?

At I Quadrant, we do more
than giving you pep talks.

We equip you with clear cut strategies to make accurate
(and profitable) investment decisions on your own. Strategies that we as founders implement in our portfolios too.

The Property Investor Mastery
Is Best For

A Newbie Fresh To The Property Game

An Investor Who Has Lost Money Previously

An Investor Who Is Seeking To Scale Beyond Their
 First Property

See What 4,500+ Investors Say About Property Investor Mastery

I had no prior knowledge of property investing before this course. But after I trusted them and paid the course fee, they delivered exactly what they promised. In fact, they delivered way more (continued guidance, community, masterclasses).

It changed my beliefs entirely. Achieving financial freedom does not seem like a dream anymore. It is a goal now.

- Taffarel Augustus Cheang​

Really great experience through this course and very informative! Learnt so much even being a property agent myself for the past 8 years, this has been mind-blowing!

I’m very certain that the things that they have taught would work out and I’m looking to take action within the next few weeks! Thank you I Quadrant!

- Eugene Yeo

I’ve always wondered how I can build a passive income.

It’s been a month since I got my first property and it never came across my mind that I will be able to own one. Very grateful to Shawn, Germaine & Ivan for kick starting this amazing journey for me.I’m already very excited and looking forward to get my second unit!

- Thaddeus
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Property Investor Mastery

Date: 24 & 25 February 2024
Time: 9 am – 6 pm

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Join 4500+ other investors on this flagship program to start your property stacking journey