Property Income Mastery Course (PIM)

The Property Income Mastery Course (PIM) is formulated for a dedicated individual to learn and succeed in property investment. Industry experts will provide the needed knowledge and resources to ensure that students achieve their goal – the $2 Million Game Plan.

Students of all walks of life are welcome. No pre-requisite knowledge is needed.


Fundamentals of Singapore Real Estate

Principles and Strategies in Property Investment

The Macro & Micro in Real Estate Investment: Through Data & Technology

Bulletproof Property Income Formula (Criteria & Boosters)

The Grit In This Property Investment Journey

Buying Process & 9 Key Negotiation Techniques

Starting with a Profitable End in Mind

Foundation of Leveraging in Property Investment

Strategies to Maximise Profits

10 Methods to Increase Loan Capability

Calculating and Maximising Future Profits

The $2 Million Game Plan

Starting Your Property Journey (Designing Your Personal Game Plan & Project Analysis)