The Investor Mindset


Learning how to invest is not just about applying strategies and knowing how to analyse the market. It has a lot to do with your personal development – mainly your mindset and attitude towards life

You need to think like a successful person in order to gain success. Your mindset contributes 60 to 90% to your success (the rest being your knowledge and other mechanics). At The I Quadrant, our focus expands beyond teaching you how to invest. We also incorporate self-development modules to build you up.

Working on your mindset

Lifelong Learning

Expand your world-view with the latest news and studies around the world. Equip yourself with different skills by attending various courses. It is never too late or too early to learn about anything.

Be Positive

It all starts with a positive attitude. It is not about being an optimist; but an opportunist and strategist (i.e. find ways to make money work for you). We will face failures and make countless mistakes but we have to keep working towards our goals; the light is at the end of the tunnel so keep moving towards that.

Strong Support

Surround yourself with a strong, supportive community! Meet like-minded individuals, experts; have knowledgeable mentors/leaders; go for networking events. With an extensive network, your perspective of things will always be improving and your learning will only increase.