Free Property Investment Webinar Reveals

Strategies to buy the Right Properties so you can sell for a predictable profit in the future and enjoy rental income monthly 
Without Any Investment Experience, Lots Of Capital Or Placing Stress On Your Finances

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Thursday, 24 Sep 2020, 7:30 to 9:00PM



  1. How to Grow A Profitable Property Portfolio that is Crisis-Proof so that you are Consistently Earning while waiting to enjoy a Massive Capital Appreciation
  2. How does Covid-19 impact Current Property Prices and what are the Opportunities that you can apply
  3. Leverage Strategies – How to Take Loans Safely & take advantage of all-time Low Interest Rates on your current property loans and Save At Least $10,000

BONUS: Germaine will reveal her entire property portfolio and how it is performing right now during this crisis 

There will be a Live Q&A session at the end of the webinar. Feel free to ask any burning questions you have about property.


Message From Germaine Chow, Your Trainer For This Webinar:



Three years ago, my husband and I lost our $1.3 million business. With little money and two young children to care for, we hustled and tried to rebuild our business. As we tried our best to make ends meet, we learnt about investing in properties. This quickly became our way of building our financial security and freedom – not just for ourselves, but for our children’s future as well.

I thought it was impossible to be a landlord owning multiple properties. How was I to afford more than one property in Singapore when one is already so expensive? On top of that, how do I ensure I successfully rent them out?

I was limiting my mind and did not give myself the opportunity to learn. It was when I met Ivan that he inspired me to start this journey. Lack of finances, time and resources could not stop me as I learnt the lesser-known but highly effective investment strategies.

My husband Shawn and I took immediate action and to date, we own over 50 properties in Singapore and overseas with our co-founders, Ivan & Benny – all of them rented out with positive cash flow. Positive cash flow means that we are earning passive income monthly after deducting all expenses.

Now, if I did not take action 3 years ago, I might not have a job today. You see, I started my career as an air stewardess. During this COVID-19 period, flights are cut and this industry is suffering. 

What you do during these 6 months can impact your wealth massively – possibly doubling or tripling it within the next 10 years. Take this opportunity to build a source of income that is recession-proof, to ensure that you and your family are financially secure; and perhaps even see to your early retirement.

So, go ahead register and I’ll see you soon!

We are the largest property investor community in Singapore – with 1000+ investors and counting – and we are committed to helping



in 90 days or less

Desmond, 1st Property, 9 Days &
Ben, 1st Property, 10 Days

Under the guidance of their property leader Keith(who owns 10 properties today), Desmond and Ben acquired their first properties in 9 and 10 days respectively.

Bethia, 5 Properties, 1 Year

When Bethia started her journey at the age of 23, she was the youngest member in our community to acquire a property in a very short period of time – 13 days. She hasn’t looked back since. 1 year on, she now owns 5 properties.  She now dedicates her time to advising new members as a Property Leader.

Jacky, 4 properties, 6 Months

Jacky bought his first 2 properties within 64 days after graduating. Today, he owns 4 properties. Actively involved in the community, Jacky conducts Cashflow Game nights to help new members learn the strategies to achieving financial freedom.


Really great experience through this course and very informative!

Learnt so much even being a property agent myself for the past 8 years, this has been mind-blowing! Best of all, I got my first investment property in 43 days!

Zhi Hao & Wanni

After attending I Quadrant’s property course, we realised that it is possible to purchase properties with high rental yield and capital appreciation potential.

Since attending the course, we have already acquired 2 properties with positive cash flow. All this would not have been possible without I Quadrant’s guidance!


I have been looking for ways to grow my passive income, but I couldn’t find a safe and sustainable way that suits me until I joined I Quadrant.

After completing the course, I got keys to my first investment unit within 2 months, and now I am looking forward to build my property portfolio together with I Quadrant


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